Bring life changing support to families with medically fragile children.

Hope today, will sustain families tomorrow.

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Connecting the church to families in need in the hospitals.

Why donate to DTM?

Families are traveling to UNC & Duke Hospitals for treatment for their child and are leaving their support systems behind. They need the support of their community and the local church to have their needs met. So, we facilitate a relationship between the local church and local hospitals so that families can be connected to their faith communities and have their holistic needs met during their child's treatment. We are the only connection between the local church and local hospitals.

How are your donations changing lives?

  • You are providing prayer to families with sick children who are hurting
  • You are providing home cooked meals to families in need of comfort
  • You are reminding families who are hurting that they are not alone (a sense of community)
  • You are providing a mother and father a friend from the community who will listen to their pain
  • You are providing free and healthy food options on the hospital units through a food pantry
  • You are providing the relationship between the local church and local hospital to be created

"Fragile Friend's" are people who partner with us through monthly giving. These friends systematically and generously contribute to our "Friends of Families Fund" which funds DTM, it's programs, and our collaboration with the local church. Your donation will bring support through meals, prayer, and friendship to families in the hospitals which will bring them closer to Christ. Each friendship is a one time gift of $480 or $40 monthly gifts. Gifts of all sizes are needed and appreciated!

Thank you for investing in the lives and healing of others.

DTM Team